Sustainability Day 2023 in Ingolstadt

Music, shows and a participation programme from the Rathausplatz to the Paradeplatz

Science slam, cargo bike course or a self-sufficient tiny house. All of these topics have one thing in common: sustainability. These and more attractions also await you on Sustainability Day on the 7th of October in Ingolstadt. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can actively participate in the event, get information, simply enjoy the atmosphere and free shows, or relax in a deck chair with a self-made smoothie.

“Sustainability Mile” through Ingolstadt

This year’s Sustainability Day stretches from Rathausplatz via the Viktualienmarkt and the Volkshochschule (Adult Education Centre) to Paradeplatz. The route has lots to offer, and a short walk from start to finish will be well worth your while. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect on this day.

Rathausplatz: Stage show, sports, virtual reality and more

A short flight over the roofs of Ingolstadt, sports and handicrafts in the city hall arcades with the children or enjoying music, the science slam and other activities on stage? Sustainability is multifaceted, and that’s exactly how the Rathausplatz is presenting itself on this day. So innovation, sport and culture will not be neglected. The city’s offices and subsidiaries will also be available for questions and answers. The day will be rounded off with a live performance by the band Max Rogue and the Vagabounds.

Carraraplatz with the Volkshochschule and Stadtbücherei (city library): Making Ingolstadt sustainable

Patrizia Hartmann from the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt will explain how this can be done in her lecture on the university’s new “Sustainability Coaching” programme. In addition to lectures such as “Hydrogen and me – What’s hype, what’s essential?” or “The plasticisation of the world”, you can expect many other fascinating contributions on what sustainability means. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to get active yourself: Swapping vegetable seeds from your own garden at Carraraplatz or taking part in a climate youth panel on the topic of “Sustainable architecture and urban development” are just a few highlights. The feature film “Woman”, screened by the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Ingolstadt, concludes the event at the Volkshochschule and invites participants to join in the discussion and debate afterwards.

From the Viktualienmarkt to Ludwigstrasse: What effect do our individual lifestyles have?

The “Klimaladen” (climate shop) shows how to reconcile sustainability and your individual lifestyle with information on the carbon footprint. At its stands, the sustainability network IN-Zukunft will demonstrate what kind of contribution you as an individual can make and how you can put it into practice. Tips, tricks and even hands-on solutions can be found on the “Sustainability Mile” between the Viktualienmarkt and Paradeplatz. The IN-Zukunft network’s approach is that “it’s often just small habits that, if you tweak them a little, can have a major impact on our lives and the environment as a whole”.

Umweltstation and Paradeplatz: From biodiversity to regionality

Bio.Regional.Tag invites visitors to exchange ideas about regional and organic agriculture. Starting in the Umweltstation (environmental station) at Ludwigstrasse No. 41 with lectures on topics ranging from sustainable garden design to self-sufficiency, visitors can continue on to the Paradeplatz to try out a wide range of the latest products from regional and organic farming. With the exchange of “old” varieties, there will even be a small glimpse into the past: Young and old alike can join in the conversation about the origin and cultivation of old vegetable varieties and stock up on “new old” varieties for their garden, raised bed or window sill.

At first, sustainability seems multifaceted and complex. Yet it also leaves room to discover things that are new, exciting and even fun. That’s the motto of Sustainability Day 2023 in Ingolstadt. The “Sustainability Mile” through Ingolstadt’s city centre is thus intended as an invitation to stroll, participate and exchange ideas and to communicate sustainability in an entertaining way.

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